Interface IIgrMaskInputProps




blur?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

children?: ReactNode
className?: string
disabled?: string | boolean

The disabled state of the component

focus?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

id?: string
inputOcurred?: ((s, e) => void)

Type declaration

invalid?: string | boolean

Control the validity of the control.

label?: string

The label for the control.

mask?: string

The mask pattern to apply on the input.

name?: string

The name attribute of the control.

outlined?: string | boolean

Whether the control will have outlined appearance.

placeholder?: string

The placeholder attribute of the control.

prompt?: string

The prompt symbol to use for unfilled parts of the mask.

readOnly?: string | boolean

Makes the control a readonly field.

readonly?: string | boolean

Makes the control a readonly field.

required?: string | boolean

Makes the control a required field in a form context.

size?: string | SizableComponentSize
style?: CSSProperties
value?: string
valueMode?: string | MaskInputValueMode

Dictates the behavior when retrieving the value of the control:

  • raw will return the clean user input.
  • withFormatting will return the value with all literals and prompts.