Indentifies the function type for a filter function expression.

Enumeration Members

Cast: 24

Gets a value cast to a specific type.

Ceiling: 19

Ceilings a numeric value.

Concat: 10

Concatenates strings together.

Contains: 0

Determines if a string contains another.

Date: 20

Gets the date from a date/time.

Day: 11

Gets the day from a date/time.

EndsWith: 1

Determines if a string ends with another.

Floor: 18

Floors a numeric value.

Hour: 12

Gets the hour from a date/time.

IndexOf: 4

Gets the index of a string within another.

IsOf: 23

Gets whether the value matches a certain type.

Length: 3

Gets the length of a string.

Minute: 13

Gets the minute from a date/time.

Month: 14

Gets the month from a date/time.

Now: 22

Gets the current date/time.

Replace: 5

Replaces instances of a string within another with a separate string.

Round: 17

Rounds a numeric value.

Second: 15

Gets teh second from a date/time.

StartsWith: 2

Determines if a string starts with another.

Substring: 6

Gets the substring of a string based on start index and optionally length.

Time: 21

Gets the time from a date/time.

ToLower: 7

Gets the lowercase representation of a string.

ToUpper: 8

Gets the uppercase representation of a string.

Trim: 9

Trims the starting and ending whitespace from a string.

Year: 16

Gets the year from a date/time.