Describes available types of trend lines supported by series.

Enumeration Members

CubicFit: 3

Cubic polynomial fit.

CumulativeAverage: 12

Cumulative moving average.

ExponentialAverage: 10

Exponential moving average.

ExponentialFit: 7

Exponential fit.

LinearFit: 1

Linear fit.

LogarithmicFit: 6

Logarithmic fit.

ModifiedAverage: 11

Modified moving average.

None: 0

No trend line will be displayed.

PowerLawFit: 8

Powerlaw fit.

QuadraticFit: 2

Quadratic polynomial fit.

QuarticFit: 4

Quartic polynomial fit.

QuinticFit: 5

Quintic polynomial fit.

SimpleAverage: 9

Simple moving average.

WeightedAverage: 13

Weighted moving average.