Interface IgcContentPane


  • IgcContentPane


Optional allowClose

allowClose: boolean

Specifies whether the end user is allowed to close the pane. Defaults to true.


contentId: string

The slot attribute's value of the content element.

Optional header

header: string

The text header of the content pane.

Optional headerId

headerId: string

The slot attribute's value of the header element. If headerId is set, the header will be disregarded.

Optional id

id: string

The id of the pane. If not set the Dock Manager generates it automatically.

Optional isPinned

isPinned: boolean

Describes whether a content pane is pinned or not. Defaults to true.

Optional size

size: number

The relative size of the pane. Defaults to 100.


The type of the pane.

Optional unpinnedLocation

unpinnedLocation: IgcUnpinnedLocation

The desired unpinned location of the content pane.

If not set the Dock Manager automatically calculates it based on the location of the pane relatively to the document host. If more than one document host is presented, the closest one in the pane hierarchy will be used for the calculation. If there is no document host, the default location is left.

Optional unpinnedSize

unpinnedSize: number

The absolute size of the pane in an unpinned state. Defaults to 200.