Use the Calendar Component to visually represent a date and provide consistent means for navigating its parts through views for days, months and years. The Calendar is meant to be inlined in a view to allow browsing dates and selecting one or more of them e.g. a range of dates. The Calendar is visually identical to the Ignite UI for Angular Calendar Component and is used within the Ignite UI for Angular Date Picker Component

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    The Calendar comes in Horizontal or Vertical layout suited to display one month at a time, but also supports a Multiview option for showing two months side by side.


    The Calendar can be inserted in day, month or year view to facilitate display of each of the major date portions.

    Week Start

    The start of the week can also be chosen as an option at the time of inserting a Calendar between the two most common scenarios for first day of the week: Sunday and Monday.

    The Calendar has a built-in Header that can be omitted. In Sketch, the use of a smart layout allows you to set the Header to ~No Symbol to achieve this, resulting in a base Calendar that you can embed more seamlessly in your forms. In Adobe XD you can achieve the same by deleting the Header layer, and the rest of the layout will adjust itself.

    Week Numbers

    The Calendar also has built-in support for Week Numbers, but if you prefer not to show this part of the UI, simply set the Week Numbers to ~No Symbol in Sketch or delete the layer in Adobe XD.


    The Calendar lets you pick between three selection modes: Single Day limiting the user to be able to select only one date, Multiple Days allowing selection of random dates, and Range providing means to select all dates between a start and end date.


    The Calendar comes with styling flexibility through the various options for the background, header background, title colors, and content month and year picker items, as well as text and background colors for the selected day, month, or year. These are applied according to the rest of your configurations.


    Use the Calendar as an inline element with the rest of the UI, without additional visual effects. If you need to show modals, dialogs, or dropdowns, consider using the Date Picker instead.

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