Use the Checkbox Component to allow the user make a selection, which most often expresses a preference or agreement in a form. The Checkbox is visually identical to the Ignite UI for Angular Checkbox Component

Checkbox Demo

Interaction State

The checkbox can be inserted in an enabled or disabled state.


The Checkbox can be used styled in dark and light variants to assure good readability and contrast for both lighter and darker backgrounds.

Layout Template

The checkbox supports a label position where the Checkbox label is placed after or before the Checkbox box element.


The Checkbox provides on, off, and indeterminate selection states.


The Checkbox comes with styling flexibility through the various overrides controlling its check and fill colors, as well as the label position and its color.


When many Checkboxes are necessary, you'll want to arrange them in a column group which makes it really easy to scan quickly through the list. Fewer Checkboxes may also be arranged on a single line next to each other but you should avoid arrangements in multiple columns.

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