Use the Navbar Component to provide clarity on the current position in the application and to implement simple application-level navigation. If your application requires more complex navigation with larger number of actions consider using a Navigation Drawer or Menu instead. The Navbar is always situated at the top of the screen and is visually identical to the Ignite UI for Angular Navbar Component


    The Navbar comes in two distinct type variants an Elevated one that casts a shadow on the main content area and an Outlined one which has a border instead to separate it from the rest of the content. Both variants support the same functionality inside.

    They both come in two action variants: Icon Actions and Icon Button Actions.

    Content Layout

    The Navbar content is split into a left area, consisting of a Left Action and a Title (Left Action and a Content frame with the Title inside in Figma), and a right area with up to four adjacent icons or icon buttons that can trigger different simple events. In Figma, you can go into the nested Icon and Icon Button components and change their icons or hide them from the layers panel, after which the content will adjust itself thanks to the auto layout. In Sketch, you can configure the layout by setting any of its actions to ~No Symbol and thanks to the smart layout what is left will adjust automatically. In Adobe XD, the same can be achieved simply by deleting the unnecessary Components, and the layout will be adjusted automatically from the Stack. Furthermore, you may also insert additional Components from the Libraries panel in those areas unlike in Sketch, e.g. to show an Avatar at the far right.


    The Navbar comes with basic styling flexibility through the options available for the title, icons, border, and background colors.


    Navbar actions should be carefully set up to avoid situations where they overlap with the title. This can be avoided by hiding all icons to the right but one and assigning it a more icon represented by three dots to trigger the appearance of a simple menu. If a more icon is specified within the actions, aggregate all actions you would normally place in the Navbar under it and avoid placing any standalone actions in the Navbar.

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