Radio Group

Use the Radio Group Component to allow exclusive selection for one item in a group. The items in the group come one after another laid out in a single column. The Radio Group is visually identical to the Ignite UI for Angular Radio Button Component

Radio Group Demo

Interaction State

The Radio Group can be inserted in an enabled or disabled state.

You may also set the state of a radio button in the group to disabled to disallow user interaction with it.


The Radio Group can be used styled in dark and light variants to assure good readability and contrast for both lighter and darker backgrounds. Make sure that all Radios are set to the same theme.

Layout Template

The Radio Group supports a label position where the Radio button label is placed after or before the Radio button element.


Each Radio element in the group supports on and off selection states.


The Radio Group comes with styling flexibility through the various overrides for each item's label style and color.


When extending a Radio Group with additional items, make sure that they are aligned consistently and form a single column. Avoid layout in multiple columns, as well as situations with more than one Radio element with on state at a time.

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