Design Systems

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Design and development represent core functional disciplines within software product teams, and each discipline has evolved rapidly on its own. Solutions out on the market right now almost always target designers or developers exclusively, but the need for a system to provide an all-in-one solution for everyone is scarce.

With our Design Systems RefCard, you’ll be given an in-depth overview on design systems and come out with a full understanding of the landscape we need to provide teams for their design and development collaboration needs.

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  • Evolving Stages of Collaboration Between Design & Development: The four stages of the design and development collaboration process emphasize the relationship between these two teams when it comes to app development
  • The Anatomy of a Design System: Comparable to atoms, molecules and organisms, a design system is built with "good" design principles in mind
  • Benefits of Using a Design System: From improving user experience to workflow efficiency, the benefits of a design system are endless
  • The Future for Design Systems: The future of design systems may face challenges to bridge design and development teams

About the Author

George Abraham, Senior Product Manager at Infragistics, is an interaction designer by training with 10+ years of experience in UX and product strategy.