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Liberty Property Trust Boosts Mobile Workforce

Liberty Property Trust implements the mobile solution, SharePlus, as a way to keep data and information at the fingertips of all of their employees.

To stay ahead of competition, Liberty Property Trust recognized that more would have to be done to streamline some business practices and continue to prevail in buying and selling commercial spaces.

With the business’ emphasis on industrial and commercial real estate, they often have agents in the field who need real-time data for data-driven decision-making. This has led to Liberty Property Trust exploring ways in which they could digitally transform and empower leasing representatives and other employees while they’re out of the office.

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The Challenge

Since a significant portion of Liberty Property Trust’s employees are mobile, the company recognized the need for digital enterprise solutions that afforded them the easy abilities to share data, collaborate on content, and visualize important data.

They turned to Infragistics for help in finding an enterprise mobility solution that would meet their growing needs. They needed a solution that could provide instant content discovery and customized workspaces where employees could collaborate from their mobile devices.

The Solution

Infragistics had the answer to their needs with SharePlus, an enterprise mobility solution that offered everything that Liberty Property Trust was seeking plus much more.

SharePlus made it possible for employees to access information outside of the company’s internal network and made it possible to view this information in a concise, easily found fashion.

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The Benefits

Once the company became acclimated to the SharePlus environment, the employees found incredible uses for the software and discovered ways to make their lives easier while away from the home office.

Major success occurred with the employees that began using SharePlus the most. For example, marketing agents were able to quickly access reports, run information, and pull up tenant lists. The regional managers were able to comment on construction draws, reports, and quarterly metrics. On top of this, since all the work that the company was doing was synced to SharePlus, there was no need to have a Wi-Fi connection to

With customers now having access to their finances, banks were able to fully provide services to their longtime clients, highlighting their dedication to customer relations and service.

facial recognition features on tablets

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