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Customizing the Infragistics Map for the jQuery Marketing Dashboard

Learn how to add and customize a map for a dashboard using Infragistics jQuery Controls in this how to video. To learn more and explore the dashboard yourself, get the source code here.

Custom Dashboards with Infragistics

The designers, developers, and UX experts of the Services Team at Infragistics don’t just help you solve problems – they create innovative solutions for every aspect of your work. To learn more and explore our marketing dashboard yourself, get the source code here.

Building a jQuery Chart for a Marketing Dashboard

In this video we take you behind the scenes of how we created a custom bar chart for our jQuery marketing dashboard. To learn more and explore the dashboard yourself, get the source code here.

Getting Started With The jQuery Marketing Dashboard

In this video you’ll see how we used the Infragistics jQuery map, data chart, bullet graph, data picker and doughnut chart controls to tackle specific analytical challenges to create a jQuery Marketing Dashboard. To learn more and explore the dashboard yourself, get the source code here.

Infragistics Marketing Dashboard Case Study

A marketing executive discovered new insights and made connections he never thought possible, thanks to a jQuery dashboard built by the team at Infragistics. To learn more and explore the dashboard yourself, get the source code here.

Getting started with jQuery

In the next few minutes, you will see how you can write up an existing web application with the Ignite UI controls to add more features and functionality for your users and, of course, deliver a great user experience.

Binding Data in Ignite UI

Learn how quick and easy it is to bind any server side data source to the Infragistics grid control using the IG data source control.

Infragistics JavaScript / HTML5 Page Designer

The new Infragistics JavaScript/HTML5 Page Designer is a WYSIWYG Web-based tool that makes it much easier for you to get started building your next generation line of business modern Web apps.

Introduction to Infragistics jQuery Templates

Learn how to get started with the project template that ships with Ignite UI, Infragistics' jQuery controls.

JavaScript/HTML5 Touch Features

In this video, we explore the responsive and touch features found in Infragistics' HTML5/JavaScript toolset.

Creating Mobile Apps with Infragistics JavaScript/HTML5

In the next few minutes you can learn how to create a great looking functional mobile application that you can deploy to any type of phone with just a few lines of code with Ignite UI.

Styling Your JavaScript/HTML5 Data Chart

In this video, you'll learn how easy it is to customize the look and feel of a data chart with IgniteUI, Infragistics' jQuery controls.

Build Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps with Infragistics

The time has come to pick a side: Native or Hybrid? Do you develop for Native? Or do you prefer hybrid web apps? Whichever method you choose, Infragistics Ultimate provides developers with tools to prototype and build amazing mobile applications for both Hybrid and Native solutions.