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Why Use Indigo Studio?

Indigo Studio at its heart is about drawing interactions and transitions while still focusing on bringing the user into the design process as quickly as possible.

Getting Started with Indigo Studio

In Indigo, we made designing screens and adding user interactions one single seamless process. We feel that the moment you are done wire framing, you should have an interactive prototype that you can present and evaluate right away.

Prototyping a Sales Dashboard for mobile with Indigo Studio

In this video we created another Indigo Studio prototype to design the global sales dashboard for a different form factor. In this case, it's a mobile device. And we used iPhone 6 as the form factor. You can download the Indigo Studio files here:

Prototyping a Sales Dashboard Tablet with Indigo Studio

In this video we are going to show you how we used Indigo Studio to design our global sales dashboard for a tablet. Particularly for the layout and navigation of the dashboard.
You can even download the Indigo Studio files at

Storyboards with Indigo Studio

Have a look at the interplay between User Story and the App Story, and use it to enhance your storyboard designs with Indigo Studio.

Wireframing with Indigo Studio

Use the wireframing tools in Indigo Studio to build prototypes with blazing speed, while retaining focus on your original design.

Designing for Mobile with Indigo Studio

Choose a from a list of viewports from web browsers, to generic tablets, and the new iOS viewports featuring the iPhone5, to see exactly how your designs will look on certain devices.

Creating & Customizing Screenparts with Indigo Studio

In this video we're going to take a look at Screenparts - Indigo Studio's newest feature that lets you reuse design elements across screens in your project. Specifically, you'll learn how to create and customize those Screenparts.

Adding Interactions with Indigo Studio

Whether you're designing for web, desktop, or mobile, you can quickly add custom interactions to screens that simulate the app experience, all with no coding and less copying and pasting.

Share Prototypes With Indigo Studio

In just a few clicks, you can share a running, interactive prototype that is able to be viewed on any modern device with HTML5 support. You can also export selected screens to PDF or PNG.

Responsive Web Page Layouts in Indigo Studio Using Bootstrap

Everything you need to know about the new responsive web page layout capabilities in Indigo Studio, using Bootstrap.