Guide: Building the Perfect Blazor Grid

Infragistics Blazor Grid

Blazor Data Grid is essential for building interactive, high-performing, and visually appealing web applications. While there are various powerful functionalities that the Grid packs, it is of a great importance to know when and how to use them in order to craft better UX.

With this Blazor Data Grid Whitepaper, we aim to help you understand not just the fundamentals but some very practical insights and best practices like passing and using Variables, enabling key Grid features, plus additional tips and tricks for you when using Infragistics Blazor Grid.

In this whitepaper we will cover the following topics

    • Intro about Infragistics Blazor Grid
    • What are the advantages of using Infragistics Blazor Grid
    • How to use it in a Blazor Application
    • Passing and using Variables in a Grid
    • Tips and tricks while using Infragistics Blazor Grid
    • Key features and steps to be perfect on Infragistics Blazor Grid

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