Developer's Guide: Effective Row Level Security with Reveal

Jason Beres
Speaker: Jason Beres Sr. VP of Developer Tools

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Ensuring data security is critical. As cyber threats and data breaches become more frequent, safeguarding data has become a top priority for organizations—which starts with Row-Level Security.

Row-Level Security (RLS) is essential in keeping your data secure with controlled user access to data at a granular level. In this webinar, we’ll show how you can incorporate RLS into your data with Reveal and its practical application for your organization.

The session will cover:

  • What RLS is, its importance, and typical use cases
  • How to configure dynamic and static RLS in Reveal for custom data access based on user roles and permissions
  • Examples of how RLS can be configured for different user groups  
  • Best practices for designing and implementing RLS policies

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of RLS, improve data security, and maintain data governance with tailored user visibility to data.