Mastering Hierarchical Data Presentation: Leveraging Master-Detail Patterns in App Builder

Jason Beres
Speaker: Jason Beres Sr. VP of Developer Tools

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Efficiently handling hierarchical data presentation is crucial. This session delves into hierarchical data display and how to configure this in App Builder. Typical scenarios include populating a data grid based on combo selection, updated charts based on a Grid or List selection, and using global variables across pages to initialize data loading on pages.

Key session highlights include:

  • Handle dynamic variables, streamlining the interaction between user inputs and the application's response.
  • Configure variables from web services to update UI controls on a page based on selection.
  • Methods for passing data between components, leveraging both Global and Local variables to maintain a seamless flow of information.

Join us to transform your approach to hierarchical data presentation, and build cutting-edge applications with ease with App Builder.