Webinar: Embedding Analytics into Your Angular Apps

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There’s no doubt that Angular is one of the most popular platforms for developers for creating feature-rich, progressive web applications. However, in 2021 the focus for web apps shifted to include something more, data. Specifically, embedded analytics. 

Organizations have begun making analytical capabilities standard in their apps, creating a surge of developers embedding analytics into their Angular apps.   


Integrating Business Intelligence (BI) with interactive visuals and reporting into Angular apps is vital for decision-makers so they can explore trends, gain valuable business insights and remain competitive in their industry. 
Join us for a code-focused webinar and we’ll show you how to leverage data by embedding analytics into your Angular apps. Covering topics including:   

  • Integrating BI capabilities into new or existing Angular apps 
  • Using an ASP.NET Core Web API server to host dashboards 
  • Using Dashboard Thumbnails to preview analytics
  • Loading and customizing dashboards into your Angular apps