Webinar: Embedding Powerful BI into Your Blazor Apps  - Australasia

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Event Description

As more organizations begin offering analytical capabilities as part of their apps, embedding analytics into your Blazor applications is no longer optional. With the abundance of data nowadays, users have shifted to a data-first approach to guide their decision-making process.

It's easy to see why. By integrating powerful BI with fully interactive visuals and reports into your Blazor applications, you're making data analytics accessible to all your end users. With in-context, accessible data, your users can quickly extract relevant insights the moment they need to - free from disruptions and chaos caused by switching applications or shuffling data. Ultimately, this leads to smarter and faster business decisions that heavily impact on customer satisfaction.

In this code-focused webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Integrate powerful BI capabilities into a new or existing Blazor app
  • Use an ASP.NET Core Web API server to host dashboard
  • Use Dashboard Thumbnails to preview analytics
  • Load and customize dashboards into your Blazor app