Webinar: Master-details Implementation Guide for Angular Applications

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Event Description

NOTE: This webinar occurs on February 12th at 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (India, UTC+5:30).

In any enterprise application, you're always working with large sets of data. The data itself is almost always related to each other in various ways, such as product, product details, class, students, etc. As such, implementing Master-Details scenarios in applications becomes common.

In this webinar, our Developer Evangelist, Dhananjay Kumar, will showcase how to implement Master-Details in an Angular application through a step-by-step guide with live code and more!

You'll learn the following during the live webinar:

  • Basics of Angular Routings
  • Fetching Master Data Using $http
  • Fetching Details Data
  • Navigating to Details Page
  • Working with the Ignite UI for Angular Data Grid

Register today and get a complete Master-Details Angular application with a full understanding of all the concepts required to do so!