Freemium Prototyping and Usability Testing Tool Makes Great UX Achievable for Everyone

Infragistics Indigo Studio provides a low-code, low-cost way to prototype and conduct usability testing

Cranbury, NJ - November 15, 2017 – When it comes to software, Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, believes that the user experience (UX) is the most important factor in user adoption. No matter how essential an application may be, if it’s not usable, it won’t be used.

However, developers are continually being asked to do more with less: less people, less budget, and less time. From the harried professional UX designer or UI developer who knows that end users provide better feedback than input to the business stakeholder who can visualize exactly what they want from an app but has a hard time describing it (and rarely gets it). The project lead with budget and schedule accountability, who knows that re-dos are the bane of both, or even the citizen developer, a power user with enough coding knowledge to make her team’s life easier—but not enough time. Everyone needs help.

That’s why Infragistics proudly announces its latest release of Indigo Studio, the all-in-one, no-code-required, rapid prototyping and usability-testing tool that helps design and development teams accelerate schedules and ensure that stakeholders are bought into the proposed solution before coding even begins. Indigo Studio includes everything needed to quickly create full-fledged, interactive prototypes for mobile, web and desktop. Indigo Studio’s first-of-its-kind unmoderated usability testing with video replays helps ensure that end users will be just as satisfied with the final design as internal stakeholders. Just the kind of help that overworked developers need.

And Infragistics does not believe that all developers should have to commit tens of thousands of dollars to get there.

“We’re committed to helping dev teams, stakeholders, and even users rally around a shared, tangible vision—a visual, functional up-front prototype that users can test and stakeholders can provide feedback on long before any coding is done,” said Ken Rosen, Senior Director of Product Management at Infragistics. “That saves time and money over the course of the project, accelerating requirements gathering and eliminating late-game redesigns and rework.”

Indigo Studio is the easiest-to-use yet most powerful prototyping tool available. Even Indigo Studio Essential, Infragistics’ base-level product, matches Balsamiq Mockups feature for feature and adds additional power and capabilities—and it’s free!

Indigo Studio accelerates both development and UAT schedules by empowering designers, developers, and users to collaboratively create and test rapid, realistic mobile. Web, mobile and desktop prototypes--before the first line of code is written. Indigo Studio is available in four versions:

  • Indigo Studio Essential: The nimble wireframe and prototyping tool for designers and developers creating prototypes for their own use
    • Import designs directly from Sketch or Balsamiq Mockups into Indigo—and keep those Sketch assets synchronized as they’re updated
    • Create prototypes with built-in templates and controls for web, mobile, and desktop, with full support for touch interactions.
    • Run fully interactive prototypes viewable from any web-connected device—no install or special viewing software required
    • Get up to speed quickly with in-app guides and tutorials
  • Indigo Studio Professional ($249/year or $25/mo.): Powerful prototyping suite for designers, PMs, and developers who do more sophisticated prototyping and require validated feedback and usability testing for up to five concurrent projects.
  • Indigo Studio Enterprise ($399/year): The no-limits prototyping suite for teams of designers, PMs, and developers who require robust prototyping and usability testing, collaboration workspaces, and an always-available archive of projects past and present.
  • And starting today, Infragistics is offering Indigo On-Prem, a complete locally hosted prototyping and usability testing solution for organizations with high security environments —no external connectivity required.

With Indigo Studio, an individual designer or a team of stakeholders works with out-of-the-box controls for today’s most popular platforms, or they can create or import their own. Either way, Indigo’s smart, state-based flow anticipates and guides them toward a rapid prototype. They can publish the prototype to Infragistics’ cloud-based prototyping and testing platform, where stakeholders and end users can kick the tires and provide feedback. Finally, Indigo’s remote unmoderated usability testing lets designers validate their design and iterate at scale, ensuring the best possible UX.

Get Indigo Studio Essential free, and a 30-day free trial of Indigo Studio Professional, get started with hands-on tutorials at

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