Infragistics Announces Enterprise Mobility Suite

Combines and enhances ReportPlus and SharePlus mobile apps to improve end-user access and collaboration around office documents and enterprise data

Cranbury, New Jersey– June 30, 2014 – Infragistics, a global leader in enterprise mobility empowerment, today announced it has enhanced its powerful business intelligence and collaboration solutions, ReportPlus and SharePlus, combining them into the new Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite was built for the next generation of employees to empower them to work anywhere, anytime by unlocking enterprise data on their smartphones and tablets. 

“Our new product suite demonstrates our growing focus on providing superior enterprise mobility solutions based on the increasingly popular ‘Mobile First’ approach,” said Infragistics Chief Marketing Officer Dave Mendlen.

Feature-rich, the Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite lets on-the-go users:

  • Collaborate, annotate, and share documents and enterprise data without needing technical expertise or heavy IT processes. 
  • Access and create dashboards for social data, CRM, analytics, enterprise databases and cloud storage solutions like Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, OLAP, SQL, SharePoint and Google Analytics.
  • Unlock insight at the edges and across the workforce with a modern Mobile First user experience.

“Companies are looking to connect their teams – especially mobile employees – and to empower them with the best-possible tools to make critical business decisions,” Mendlen said. “Our new Enterprise Mobility Suite delivers on this essential need. With customized launch pads for running business applications, enterprise search to query all of the documents in the enterprise in seconds, and enterprise social features, collaboration is a key focus.”

Aligned with the Mobile First strategy gaining traction among enterprises, Infragistics designed these solutions specifically for mobile devices, avoiding the many pitfalls of trying to force-fit desktop applications into smartphones and tablets. Both solutions are available in iOS and Android versions and provide the consumer-like experience that enterprise employees have come to expect.

ReportPlus – the first self-service dashboard and reporting app – helps users shift from data to insights while mobile by making it simple to create mobile business intelligence dashboards that are visually compelling and promote quick, informed decisions. Users can find the information they need in SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce or virtually any other data source and connect the data to insights behind the numbers. For example, they can view sales trends by time frames or geographic regions.

The other member of the suite, SharePlus – the universal mobile interface for SharePoint and mobile client for Office 365 – simplifies and enriches mobile collaboration. It enables users to sync SharePoint and all documents, providing access to all files via iPhones, iPads and Android devices even when connectivity isn’t available. They can securely share data insights with their teams with SharePoint support.

New improvements

The new release (3.0) of ReportPlus brings a number of enhancements, including:

  • A new iOS7 look and feel
  • Ability to export dashboards to PDF and Microsoft Word files
  • Opportunity to annotate the research
  • Ability to load pivot tables, which support data visualization in different dimensions, from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to auto-save files
  • Ability to save dashboards to the cloud – for example, using Google Drive, Dropbox and SharePoint server – for simplified information sharing

The Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite solutions (ReportPlus 3.0 and SharePlus 4.0) are available on the App store for customer evaluation, and the enterprise versions are available from Infragistics here.

For more information on Infragistics’ Mobile First approach, please see our thought piece.


About Infragistics

A global leader in empowering enterprise mobility, Infragistics provides the best-possible user experience to help Fortune 500 and other large businesses transform their data into visually compelling, shareable, actionable insights. Quick, easy access to this visual business intelligence across all communications platforms – Web, Windows and mobile – enhances productivity and decision making. The Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite combines SharePlus, the universal mobile interface for SharePoint, and ReportPlus, the first self-service dashboard and reporting application, both available in iOS and Android versions.

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