Infragistics Announces New Release - Infragistics Ultimate

Top component vendor provides support for Visual Studio 2013, Touch and multi-channel apps

Cranbury, New Jersey– November 18, 2013 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in helping developers build stunning apps, today announced it has shipped it’s 2013.2 release. This version is a major release that simplifies the product lineup, adds support for Visual Studio 2013, and improves functionality for prototyping and design, and adds touch support and Office-inspired application development along with multi-channel device development.

This release introduces a new simplified product lineup from Infragistics. Starting today there are two versions of Infragistics tools: Infragistics Professional and Infragistics Ultimate. The Professional tools include all of the major tools for developing applications for desktop, web and mobile devices. The Ultimate version includes the Professional tools and the additional design tools including the award-winning Indigo product that ensures the designs are stunning.

In partnership with Microsoft, Infragistics completed support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. As a sim-ship partner of Microsoft, Infragistics works directly with the Microsoft engineers to ensure deep support of the latest tools. Infragistics is excited to continue partnering with Microsoft. As one of the first component vendors for Microsoft, Infragistics remains committed to ensuring a deep partnership. “We’re so fortunate to have such amazing customers pushing us to continue to innovate with Microsoft,” said Infragistics CEO Dean Guida.

Indigo Studio, a key addition to Infragistics Ultimate, is a complete solution for designing interactive prototypes that target mobile, desktop & web scenarios. With Indigo Studio, designers & developers can focus on the user experience of the application before writing a single line of code. And this release provides support for iOS 7 to enable designs to look cutting edge and aligned to Apple’s latest platform. And with this release there is a new features that generates code to kick-start app development.

There are a collection of other new features including Touch & gesture capabilities across all platforms, Office-inspired app functionality with Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight with a new OneNote Radial Menu and the new Office Ribbon, and Windows-8 inspired functionality with the new Windows 8 Live Tile control in Windows Forms.

For developers that need to reach the broadest set of devices and don’t need to optimize for down-to-the-metal performance, Infragistics introduces the Ignite HTML 5 and JQuery tool. It creates a single application that morphs to look native on any mobile device or desktop experience. And for those developers that need no-compromise performance, only Infragistics has native XCode controls for building iOS apps, native Java controls for Android apps and native Windows Phone controls.

Both Infragistics Ultimate and Professional 2013.2 versions are available today.

Infragistics Ultimate Price Renewal Infragistics PROFESSIONAL Price Renewal
Standard Support $1995 $995 Standard Support $1495 $750
Priority Support $2495 $1250 Priority Support $1995 $995


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