Your Ultimate 17.1 Questions, Answered

Infragistics Team / Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended our Infragistics Ultimate 17.1 webinar. We’re very excited about all the great new features and updates in this new release and we hope you are as well. Please don’t forget to download a demo of Infragistics Ultimate and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns you have.

We had a lot of great questions and we wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to have their questions answered, and have access to others’ questions and our answers after the webinar.

Please note: some questions have been edited for clarity, context and to reduce duplication.

Indigo Studio Questions

Q: Where can we find the API/SDK reference guide?
A: Go to the Indigo Learning Center and use the menu at the top to find the other resources.

Q: I have a current Infragistics Professional license. If I want Indigo Studio, do I need to buy it separately or can I upgrade to Ultimate?
A: You can simply upgrade to Ultimate.

Q: During the installation process, why does Indigo Studio ask me to install Silverlight 5?
A: The Indigo Studio application uses Silverlight to run on both Windows and Mac OS. The prototypes and are HTML/JavaScript, so you do not need Silverlight to view your prototypes or usability studies.

Q: When I want to share a prototype, do I have to publish on, or can I share on my internal site?
A: You can do either one; local file system (networked or local) or

Q: In Indigo Studio can we do a study on an existing web application to find opportunity for improvements?
A: The real value is to test idea before investing in code. And that’s the current scope. That said, we do have plans to open video recordings for any website.

Q: Does the free version of Indigo Studio include the usability study capability?
A: No, that is part of the $25/month Pro version.

Ignite UI Questions

Q: Does Ignite UI support ASP.NET Core?
A: Yes, Ignite UI has full support for ASP.NET Core.

Q: Does the Spreadsheet component support charts embedded in the spreadsheet?
A: The Spreadsheet does not support automatic charts (selecting data and turning into a chart). It is on the backlog.

Q: Are the controls touch-sensitive?
A: Yes, Ignite UI has a 100% mobile-first design. All components are completely responsive and touch-friendly.

Q: Are there any limitations on being able to move the XLSX file back and forth between the application and Excel? Do changes made in Excel transfer to the application and changes made in the application transfer to Excel?
A: There are no limitations on being able to load or export workbooks from the Spreadsheet component. The Infragistics Excel library supports pretty much everything Excel supports.

Q: Does group-by in the Data Grid work on Android phones or iPhones?
A: Interactive grouping is not available yet. This feature is planned for an upcoming release soon.

Q: Can the Spreadsheet component be connected to a SQL data source and be refreshed in the application?
A: Sure, it is just a View, you can connect it to anything you like.

Q: On the Data Grid, if I wish to remove some filter options, how can I remove the Windows/Web Forms?
A: There are multiple ways to do that depending on what you specifically want to do (removing an item from the filter list or removing a filter from a column). Your best route is to contact support.

Q: We have a large amount of data (about a million records) to be displayed on a grid in our web application. Does the Data Grid support lazy loading of records during scroll without pagination? Are there any benchmarks on performance?
A: Lazy Loading/Continuous Feed is a feature we are exploring for a future release. We are working on gathering some performance benchmark data for our Grids and Data Visualizations and this data should be released this summer. Subscribe to this blog for future updates.

Q: Do you have a schedule presentation that would show multiple production lines and hourly activities along each line to show starting and ending of each batch?
A: You could use the Data Grid for that. We have customers that put date/time across the top columns and use the cells for data. Would that work. Email Jason or James and they can help with more.

Q: Do you use Angular 2 or 1?
A: Ignite UI works with all versions of Angular, including Angular JS (formerly Angular 1.x), Angular (formerly Angular 2/4/next) as well as React and plain old jQuery. The reference application James mentioned in the Webinar was written with Angular v2. We are constantly updating and adding reference and sample applications in the latest and most popular frameworks. Please check out our samples for more information.

Xamarin Questions

Q: We are writing an Outlook add-In which we want to work on-premises, in-browser and in a mobile app. Can I use Xamarin for this purpose?
A: Outlook has its own model for add-ins. They are all JavaScript based, not Xamarin.

Q: Are the properties you are setting in design mode be set programmatically as most of our data binds at runtime, depending on what the user selects?
A: Yes, you can set properties at design time or runtime.

Q: Does Xamarin support prototype for native sensors in a phone (e.g. Accelerometer, Gyroscope, etc.)?
A: No, just the interaction model you prototype.

Windows Forms

Q: How easy is it to use the Schedule control in Windows Forms?
A: Super easy, check out the Windows Forms samples here

Q: Do the Chart controls in Windows Forms allow floating/pinning/docking?
A: Yes, you can use the Dock Manager, it’s designed for that scenario

Reports Plus

Q: I have several hundred SSRS SQL reports. Does ReportPlus operate directly from SSRS RDL files?
A: We can render SSRS in the tool.


Q: What version of Ultimate is available for trial?
A: 17.1.

Q: Is there any option where I can write a form which can be used in Windows, Web and mobile platforms, or do I need to write three separate forms?
A: You can use JavaScript to render each one, otherwise you would need to write one for each platform.

Q: How can I create a PDF documents?
A: You can use the Infragistics Documents Library to create PDFs.