When SharePlus met Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business

Mobile Man / Thursday, April 21, 2016

A new experience

Synesthesia is a particularly unique sensory condition: a neurological mismatch that results in two or more senses combining. Ingrid Carey lives with this rare but real condition. For her, the letter “N” is experienced as a sort of sienna brown, while the number “8” is orange. The pain from her shin splints throbs in hues of orange, yellow, purple and red.

Meanwhile, for Sean Day, the taste of steak produces a rich blue color, while mango sherbet offers a wall of lime green with thin, wavy strips of cherry red. For others, listening to music may result in seeing colors.

And speaking of new experiences, we recently released three new experiences in SharePlus. Given the rapid growth of cloud storage services in the last few years and the direction they are heading in the future, the logical step was to bring these different experiences to our mobile app. In 2016, we’re introducing cloud storage giants Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive for Business to SharePlus.

A helping hand

The addition of more cloud storage facilities to SharePlus brings a range of benefits for both individuals and teams. Above all, you and your colleagues will be able to collaborate and be productive in the way that’s most convenient to you.

Despite the rapid growth the cloud has witnessed, the ‘big three’ cloud storage providers have led the way for some time. This means that although it’s unlikely for employees to all use the same provider, the likelihood is they’ll be using either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. This is useful, but since these environments don’t ‘talk to one another’, unifying them through SharePlus should iron out any friction resulting from individuals using different cloud providers.

SharePlus users won’t have to go through the lengthy process of switching providers and moving all their content from one location to another. For those who are not yet affiliated with a specific cloud storage service, they’ll be able to choose the one that’s most suited to them. Someone who has a Gmail account may want to use Google Drive to store their files, whereas someone who is signed up to Office 365 will probably choose OneDrive for Business, for example.

So what will the introduction of Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business look like for SharePlus users?

Brand new Documents Module

Users are now able to access all of their files stored in different clouds from one centralized location by way of the Documents Module – regardless of which cloud the document is stored in. Created to facilitate the access to all your relevant documents; those marked as favorites, recently opened documents and those recommended by the server are all a finger press away.

SharePlus’ Documents Module tab is divided into the following sections:

  1. Documents – displays the recent and recommended documents along with the documents you follow. (Recommended documents is a feature exclusive to SharePlus Enterprise.)
  2. Favorites – displays all documents you have listed as ‘Favorite’.
  3. Edited by me – a list of all documents that have recently been edited by the user.
  4. Local Files – an isolated and secure storage on your device. This storage is not synchronized with the server and can be used for storing personal files. These local files can be uploaded to the SharePoint server or can be shared via a Wi-Fi network.

Content Sources

Content Sources are displayed in the ‘Content’ section of the Documents Module, and give you access to all files within them. As we’ve mentioned, the new content sources added for 2016 are:

Office 365 or SharePoint personal cloud storage (this will be pre-configured if you are using SharePlus Enterprise and have Social features enabled).

 Cloud storage.

Network file sharing over the network.

It’s worth mentioning that OneDrive for Business has a few additional features thanks to its integration with Office 365.

Along with the creation of documents and folders, users are able to add ReportPlus dashboards to create striking charts and data visualizations in SharePlus from SharePoint Lists and Excel files (If you have a SharePlus + ReportPlus bundle, you can connect to more than 20 other data sources).

The power of the Cloud, on your mobile

An underlying problem facing mobile devices is their storage capacity. With the cloud gradually becoming available for mobile devices, that problem is becoming a thing of the past. With a subscription to any of the cloud storage platforms that SharePlus now supports, users will have more space than they know what to do with. Which is, of course, a very nice problem to have.

Centralize your productivity

The integration of Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for Business has massively expanded on the SharePlus experience, offering the biggest database ever for users to access their content. Try a free 30-day trial to see if SharePlus is right for you.