Welcome to the SharePlus iOS Administrator Guide!

This guide’s purpose is to assist you with every aspect of a SharePlus Enterprise solution, empowering you to do the planning, deployment, and complete administration of your solution. SharePlus has been crafted towards both small and large-scale organizations; therefore, administrators need to comprehend the wide number of scenarios available that build upon SharePlus functionality.


Despite the title, this documentation is not directed to administrators only, it is recommended for project managers, business analysts, developers, and also power users who want to understand more about SharePlus administration, design, and configuration.

  • Power users – Will learn more about planning SharePlus functionalities, configuration details, and also some advanced features like Search, Social Networking, and Offline Support.

  • Project managers – Will find key information from the Planning SharePlus chapter very useful when working with SharePlus projects.

  • Developers – Will have a detailed view of all SharePlus functionality, implementation architecture, configuration and deployment.

  • Business Analysts – As project managers, they will find the Planning SharePlus chapter very handy.

About SharePlus

SharePlus is a native mobile application that provides online and offline, read/write access to SharePoint content like libraries and lists. SharePlus Free and Subscription, available in the AppStore, are consumer-oriented applications that meet the needs and interests of individuals.

SharePlus Enterprise, on the contrary, can be used as a base to build complex Business Enterprise Solutions that assemble aspects like connectivity, security, deployment, and configuration.