Welcome to the SharePlus Android help!

Enable your team to run business processes, work on documents on-premises or in the cloud, and analyze data all in one place!




SharePlus' features include:


Connect to all your Portals: Navigate to your SharePoint sites, and search for content in all connected portals.


Access content with SharePlus Mobile Workspaces: By using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, SharePlus can display rich mobile workspaces to enhance the user experience. In addition, high quality interactions can be achieved by using CSS and JavaScript frameworks like JQuery. Besides that, SharePlus provides a JavaScript API that gives access to SharePlus data, giving you the ability to present dynamic content from the server, even while offline.


Access your content without connectivity: SharePlus provides the ability to cache SharePoint content locally in the device, allowing you to access your information even when not connected to the SharePoint server (offline). Later, when the connection to the SharePoint server is restored (online), SharePlus is responsible to synchronize your information again with the SharePoint server.

Click here if you are looking for SharePlus' website. For archived documentation, please access this site.