Blazor Grid Pagination Overview

    The Ignite UI for Blazor Pagination feature in Blazor Grid is used to split a large set of data into a sequence of pages that have similar content. React grid pagination improves user experience and data interaction. IgbGrid pagination is configurable via a separate component projected in the grid tree by defining a IgbPaginator tag, similar to adding of a column. As in any Blazor table, the pagination in the Blazor Grid supports template for custom pages.

    Blazor Grid Pagination Example

    The following example represents IgbGrid pagination and exposes the options usage of items per page and how paging can be enabled. The user can also quickly navigate through the IgbGrid pages via "Go to last page" and "Go to first page" buttons.

    <IgbGrid @ref=grid Width="100%" Height="500px" Data=Data DisplayDensity="DisplayDensity.Cosy">
        <IgbPaginator PerPage="10"></IgbPaginator>

    Paging with Group By

    Group rows participate in the paging process along with data rows. They count towards the page size for each page. Collapsed rows are not included in the paging process.

    Integration between Paging and Group By is described in the Group By topic.


    The IgbPaginator component is used along with the IgbGrid component in the example below, but you can use it with any other component in case paging functionality is needed.

    <IgbGrid @ref=grid Data=Data DisplayDensity="DisplayDensity.Compact">
        <IgbPaginator Page="grid.Page" TotalRecords="grid.TotalRecords" PerPage="10" DisplayDensity="grid.DisplayDensity">

    Paginator Component Demo

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