Blazor Tabs Overview

    The Blazor Tabs is a lightweight and user-friendly component that organizes corresponding content in a tab format or a collection of tabs typically placed horizontally. The Blazor Tab enables end-users to easily click through and display different views. There are several features and customization options like tab orientation, templating, built-in header styles, animation, scroll buttons, and more.

    The Ignite UI for Blazor Tabs organizes and switches between similar data sets. The tabs are placed at the top of the data content. When a tab is selected the panel with the corresponding id is displayed. The component could be used with only tabs defined (without any panels).

    Blazor Tabs Example

    The Blazor Tabs example below displays three different tabs aligned in a single line so you can navigate across each in a fast and easy way.

    How to use Tabs with Ignite UI for Blazor

    Before using the IgbTabs, you need to register it as follows:

    // in Program.cs file

    For a complete introduction to the Ignite UI for Blazor, read the Getting Started topic.

    Simple IgbTabs declaration is done as follows:

        <IgbTab Panel="first">Tab 1</IgbTab>
        <IgbTab Panel="second">Tab 2</IgbTab>
        <IgbTab Panel="third">Tab 3</IgbTab>
        <IgbTabPanel Id="first">Panel 1</IgbTabPanel>
        <IgbTabPanel Id="second">Panel 2</IgbTabPanel>
        <IgbTabPanel Id="third">Panel 3</IgbTabPanel>


    The IgbTabs emits Change event when the user selects an item either by key press or click. The Select method allows you to select a tab by specifying its panel as string value.

    If the selected tab is not specified on initial load, the first tab that is not disabled will be selected.

    The default behavior, which selects a tab when the user is navigating with the arrow keys, could be modified by the Activation property. Setting it to Manual will focus the next/previous tab on arrow key press, but the tab will be selected only after pressing Space or Enter

    Disabled Tab

    A tab is disabled by setting the Disabled attribute:

    <IgbTab Panel="first" Disabled>Tab 1</IgbTab>


    The Alignment property controls how Blazor tabs are positioned. It accepts the following values:

    • Start (default): the width of the tab depends on the content (label, icon, both) and all tabs have equal padding. First tab is aligned to the tabs container's left side.
    • Center: the width of the tab depends on the content and occupies the tabs container's center.
    • End: the width of the tab depends on the content and all tabs have equal padding. Last tab is aligned to the tabs container's right side.
    • Justify: all tabs are equal in width and fully fit the tabs container.

    If the space is not enough to fit all tabs, scroll buttons are displayed.


    Scroll buttons are shown when the available space is not enough to render all Blazor tabs. The start scroll button is disabled if the first tab is in view. Respectively, when last tab is in view the end scroll button is disabled. By pressing one of the scroll buttons the tabs are scrolled so the tab in that direction is fully visible, or if it is already visible the previous/next tab in that direction is displayed.

    Keyboard Navigation

    Keys Description
    Selects previous (next in Right-to-Left mode) tab. If Activation is set to Manual only focuses the tab. Scrolls to end if on first tab.
    Selects next (previous in Right-to-Left mode) tab. If Activation is set to Manual only focuses the tab. Scrolls to start if on last tab.
    Home Selects the first tab.
    End Selects the last tab.
    Enter / Space Selects the focused tab when Activation is Manual

    Prefix / Suffix

    Each tab has default slot to display information - icon, text or both and prefix and suffix slots to show additional content in the beginning and/or in the end.


    The IgbTabs component exposes CSS parts for all of its elements:

    Name Description
    headers The wrapper which includes the tabs and the scroll buttons.
    headers-content The container for the tabs which represents the available space for rendering of the tabs.
    headers-wrapper The wrapper for the tabs and the selected indicator.
    headers-scroll The container for the tabs.
    selected-indicator The selected indicator.
    start-scroll-button The start scroll button displayed when the tabs overflow.
    end-scroll-button The end scroll button displayed when the tabs overflow.
    content The container for the content where the data is displayed.

    The IgbTab component exposes the following CSS parts:

    Name Description
    base The base wrapper of the tab header.
    prefix The prefix wrapper.
    suffix The suffix wrapper.
    igc-tabs::part(selected-indicator) {
        background: #ecaa53;
    igc-tab::part(base) {
        background: #ffe6cc;

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