Use the List Patterns as presets for organized collections of data in horizontal or vertical layout depicting common scenarios such as people, social media stories, multiline list elements, settings, recently used items, products, and categories of items among others.

    Empty State

    Use the Empty State List Pattern to illustrate search with no available results.


    In Figma, after inserting any of the Lists Patterns, in case you need more items than provided, you need to detach it from the Detach Component option, after right-clicking on the component. In some cases you will need to detach again the nested lists to reuse the applied auto layout. In others, you will need to adjust the additional item's position manually. We highly recommend not detaching any other component nested in the List.

    In Sketch, after inserting any of the Lists available as a Pattern, you can trigger Detach from Symbol only if you need to add more items than provided. The individual List Items and Components such as Inputs, Avatars, and Navigation elements must stay intact and not be detached!

    In Adobe XD you can add a List Item by duplicating one of the existing ones and it will simply line up with the others due to the applied stack without ever having to ungroup the pattern itself.

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