Are You Stuck in a Design Silo?


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Break Out with Design to Code

Beginning with the official launch of Sketch in 2010, software design tools have transformed application design —making it simpler and faster to create designs digitally, to share them with other designers and users in the cloud, and eventually to turn them into working prototypes.

But design is only one step in the process of turning the design/prototype into a working application. The challenge is that many design products leave you in a design silo — you may have a prototype, but no smooth process for turning it into a completed app. And the traditional design-development handoff is plagued by miscommunication, delays and errors.

What’s needed? A design-to-code process that lets designers and developers each use their favorite tools — Adobe XD for designers, for example, or Visual Studio or a favorite IDE for developers — yet offers integration/extensibility of tooling across a standardized tool chain or platform.

The result: the ability to take static designs/prototypes such as Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma files and work with developers to quickly generate production-ready code in Angular or Blazor. This whitepaper will describe this design-to-code integration in more detail.

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