Guide: Blazor Hybrid Apps 101

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The pursuit for seamless integration between web and desktop environments stands as a key challenge in Blazor app development. As end-users increasingly demand cross-platform experiences, developers seek robust solutions capable of bringing together the flexibility of web apps with the performance and functionality of desktop interfaces.

That’s why we gathered our experts’ know-how into this whitepaper with Jun-ichi Sakamoto, Technical Consulting Engineer at Infragistics and a Microsoft MVP Award holder, who provides practical insights, best practices, and a technical guide for everyone who wants to get started with Blazor Hybrid. Learn the specifics of Blazor Hybrid App development, like Blazor Hybrid with .NET MAUI, Blazor Hybrid with WPF, Blazor Hybrid with Windows Forms, etc. Take a deep dive into all the advantages and disadvantages, implementation strategies, deployment methodologies with Ignite UI Blazor, and more.

What will this whitepaper cover:

  • Explaining Blazor in General
  • Introduction to Blazor Hybrid
  • How Does Blazor Hybrid Work
  • Pros & Cons of Blazor Hybrid
  • The Best Practices
  • Integration With Existing Technologies
  • Using Blazor Hybrid & Ignite UI Blazor
  • Additional Resources

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