Ignite UI for Angular


  • FinJS London: The Webinar Surrounding Our OpenFin OS Support
    POSTED ON: 06/15/2018 3:09 PM  BY:  Sarah Roman
    We recently presented at the FinJS London Event where we showcased our work with OpenFin OS and Angular. With featured guests like Microsoft, Adaptive, and AG-Grid, Infragistics' Jason Beres, the SVP of...
  • Dynamically Load Angular Components
    POSTED ON: 06/15/2018 9:32 AM  BY:  Infragistics Team
    Article by Jared Fineman Static is the force that makes things cling to your clothes; it’s also the type of component that is traditionally created in an Angular html file. While static components get the job done most of the time, when it...
  • Understanding ViewEncapsulation in Angular
    POSTED ON: 06/05/2018 1:17 AM  BY:  Dhananjay Kumar
    To understand ViewEncapsulation in Angular, first we should understand about Shadow DOM.  You can learn in detail about Shadow DOM here. Putting it in simple words, Shadow DOM brings Encapsulation in HTML Elements. Using the Shadow DOM ,...
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