Infragistics' Sample Application

Inventory management is a critical practice for organizations across industries. Whether you are a retailer, a consumer goods manufacturer or a technology company, sourcing hardware components, the ability to track the location and availability of inventory is critical.

To help, our Angular team has created the Infragistics Inventory Management sample application. Built with UI components from Ignite UI for Angular, this app demonstrates how the Ignite UI for Angular Data Grid, Data Chart and features can be used to enable users to quickly track orders and compare against the available inventory from various suppliers.

The Inventory Management App consists of 2 pages: The Products Page and the Dashboard Page. The Products Page contains a grid with product information and includes a number of useful features including: grouping, row selection, row editing, and row adding. There is also a search bar to easily find a product within the grid. The buttons at the top have predefined filtering conditions to quickly apply filters to the grid's data. The Dashboard page provides a variety of useful information including order data, sales over a period of time, top selling products, etc., all illustrated in a beautiful and easy to read dashboard. The application also makes use of our theming widget and you have the option to apply different themes. The Indigo Theme is the default one.

Designed using Indigo.Design, the Infragistics Inventory Management app was created to be user friendly, enabling users to customize their view of the data and focus on what is most critical to their role.