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More than two million developers use Infragistics UX and UI toolkits to support and accelerate their application development.

Intuit, Exxon, and Morgan Stanley group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Pedrello, PTV Group and Ikea group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Super Stream, Pasona Tech and Battelle group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Blue Yonder group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls
  • Maintaining uptime at leading industrial plants globally

    Every second of downtime at a power plant, oil and gas platform, or renewable energy facility is costly. Bently Nevada keeps the leading industrial producers running 24x7 with a state-of-the-art condition monitoring system that runs on Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF software.

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    Maintaining uptime at leading industrial plants globally
  • Bringing modern Angular look and feel to bank’s essential pricing application

    A prominent UK investment bank used Infragistics’ high-performing Ignite UI toolkit with 65+ Angular components to add a modern, user-friendly UI and very fast data grids to critical software in its new Risk and Finance Solutions division.

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    Bringing modern Angular look and feel to bank’s essential pricing application
  • Scaling capacity by 30% without making a single hire

    Packaging design and fulfillment leader, Stephen Gould, continuously seeks to create design innovations and scale capacity for clients such as Tiffany’s and Rosetta Stone. With the help of Slingshot, a modern digital workplace, the company has dramatically improved cross-department collaboration resulting in higher productivity.

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    Scaling capacity by 30% without making a single hire
  • Visualizing complex data in ways never before possible

    Large government agencies, banks and manufacturers use Atanasoft’s database productivity tools to access big data stored in Teradata or other data warehouses. By embedding Reveal’s business intelligence features into its tools, customers now see this complex data displayed in clear, visually compelling visualizations and dashboards.

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    Visualizing complex data in ways never before possible

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Slingshot Named Stevie® Award Winner In 2023 International Business Awards

Honored by the International Business Awards for this innovative approach to maximizing team’s results and productivity, Slingshot is eliminating common workplace challenges, and providing clarity on priorities and expectations.

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MongoDB Support and More in Reveal 1.6.1. Release

We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.6.1 of our Embedded Analytics SDK. This latest release delivers the much-anticipated support of the popular data source MongoDB. We have expanded your toolbox with more features to help improve your data experiences.

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Visual Studio Magazine 2023 Readers' Choice Awards

Visual Studio Magazine readers have once again shared their opinions on the best third-party tools, components, and services. This year's winners featured a collection of Infragistics products and tools including Ignite UI, App Builder, Infragistics Ultimate, and Ignite UI for Blazor.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Custom Templates and Calendar View

Created to suit your unique needs, making each project a breeze to manage, two incredible additions to Slingshot will boost your productivity journey and redefine your work experience. No more starting from scratch – create your next project with a click, saving precious time in your daily workflow.

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Working Together and Pushing Boundaries

  • Rutgers University logoRutgers University
  • Microsoft Gold Partner logoReact Framework
  • Angular Framework logoAngular Framework
  • Stevens Institute Technology logoStevens Institute Technology
  • Lee Pagenkopf, Founding Manager, Rutgers Makerspace

    Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders in STEM

    Infragistics has partnered with Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies, supporting students and faculty with access to its full portfolio of UX, UI and Analytics software including Infragistics Ultimate, Indigo.Design and Reveal.

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    "We are thrilled to be able to offer our students, faculty and staff Infragistics software solutions that will accelerate their design, development, and collaboration efforts."

    Lee Pagenkopf, Founding Manager, Rutgers Makerspace
  • Serving the Microsoft and .NET Ecosystem

    As a Gold Microsoft partner, Infragistics continues to be an active leader in the Microsoft developer ecosystem, providing controls, components and tools to streamline development of .NET applications on any platform or device.

    "Infragistics has been a Microsoft partner for almost 3 decades.  Through this close-knit relationship we’ve not only built technology that Microsoft has used in their products, but we’ve embraced and extended Microsoft platforms to deliver the tools and frameworks backed by .NET that our joint customers use as they build the next generation of enterprise applications."

    Jason Beres, Sr. VP of Developer Tools, Infragistics
  • Proud Contributor to and Supporter of Angular

    Infragistics is an active contributor to the Angular ecosystem, working directly with the Angular team at Google to contribute to the open source Angular components, while also providing the most complete commercial library of Material-based, Angular-native UI components, Ignite UI for Angular.

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    "In the end I was really happy with my work. I learned a lot….finding that the people responsible for the project are open to new ideas and very friendly… and the feeling that you are contributing to a project used by tens of thousands of engineers is great."

    Milko Venkov, Software Developer, Infragistics
  • Premal Kamdar, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stevens Venture Center

    Supporting the Next Generation of Developers and Entrepreneurs

    The Stevens Venture Center (SVC) is an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem designed to connect Stevens entrepreneurs with infrastructure, resources and funding assistance so they can develop sustainable and successful commercial enterprises based on either Stevens-derived or individually conceived technologies.

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    "We are grateful for the support from partners like Infragistics, which are willing to share their technology and UX/UI expertise."

    Premal Kamdar, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stevens Venture Center

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