Size (Display Density)

    Size (display density) configuration can significantly improve the visual representation of large amounts of data. In Ignite UI for Angular, we provide a pre-defined set of options – large (comfortable), medium (cosy), and small (compact).

    Using the --ig-size custom CSS property, you can configure the size on an application or a component level.

    Angular Size Example


    To start using Ignite UI for Angular components in your own projects, make sure you have configured all necessary dependencies and have performed the proper setup of your project. You can learn how to do this in the installation topic.


    Setting size on an application/component level

    To set the size, use the --ig-size CSS custom property. You can set the size for all components in your app by setting the aforementioned property on the body element.

    The available values for --ig-size are --ig-size-small, --ig-size-medium, and --ig-size-large.

    body {
        --ig-size: var(--ig-size-small);

    To set the size on a component level, target the element selector. For instance, to set the size of the input group to small, you can do:

    igx-input-group {
        --ig-size: var(--ig-size-small);

    Incorporating size in your own components and layouts

    Ignite UI for Angular exposes a few Sass functions and a mixin that allow you to implement layouts that react to changes of the --ig-size CSS property.

    Here's an example on how we can make an element change its width and height based on the value of --ig-size.

    <div class="my-elem"></div>
    @use "igniteui-angular/theming" as *;
    .my-elem {
        // Make the element sizable
        @include sizable();
        // Define the default size of the element and hook it to the `--ig-size` property
        --component-size: var(--ig-size, var(--ig-size-large));
        // Define sizes for small (10px), medium (20px), and large (30px)
        --size: #{sizable(10px, 20px, 30px)};
        width: var(--size);
        height: var(--size);

    Now any time the value of --ig-size changes, .my-elem will change its size.

    API References

    Sizing and Spacing Functions

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