Angular Master-Detail Grid

    The igxGrid component supports specifying a detail template that displays additional details for a particular row by expanding/collapsing its content. When specified each record acts as a master, which upon expansion shows a customizable details template with contextual data for the current record.

    This mode is useful when you need to display master-detail style data in a hierarchical structure.

    Angular Grid Master-Detail Example


    To configure the igxGrid to display in master-detail mode you need to specify a template inside the grid, marked with the igxGridDetail directive:

     <igx-grid ... >
             <ng-template igxGridDetail let-dataItem>
                  <!-- Custom detail template content here -->

    Context of the template is the master record data, so that values from the master record can be displayed in the detail template. For example:

        <igx-grid ... >
             <ng-template igxGridDetail let-dataItem>
                <div *ngIf="dataItem.Category">


    The expansion states can be controlled via the expansionStates input of the igxGrid. States are stored in key-value pairs [row identifier, expansion state]. The property gets/sets the current expansion states and supports two-way binding:

      <igx-grid [(expansionStates)]='expansionState' >

    Additional API methods for controlling the expansion states are also exposed:

    Keyboard navigation

    • When focus is on a detail row:

      • Arrow Up - navigates one row up, focusing a cell from the previous row.
      • Arrow Down - navigates one row down, focusing a cell from the next row.
      • Tab - Allows focus to move to the next focusable element inside the template if there are focusable elements, otherwise moves to the next grid row.
      • Shift + Tab - moves the focus to the previous row.
    • When focus is on a data row with expander:

      • Alt + Arrow Right/ Down - expands the row.
      • Alt + Arrow Left/Down - collapses the row.

    Known Issues and Limitations

    Known Limitations Description
    Tab navigation inside the custom detail template may not update the master grid scroll position in case the next focused element is outside the visible view port. Tab navigation inside the custom detail template is left up to the browser.
    When templating a grid inside the details view that has a <igx-column> definitions, the parent grid will also render those columns. This can be avoided using autoGenerate=true for the nested grid. In case some aspect of those columns need to be modfied the columnInit event can be used.
    Details template will not be exported to Excel. As the details template can contain any type of content we cannot export it to excel out of the box.
    The search feature will not hightlight elements from the details template.

    API References