Grid Sorting

In Ignite UI for Angular, Sorting is enabled on a per-column level, meaning that the igx-grid can have a mix of sortable and non-sortable columns.


Additionally there is a custom contextmenu added for sorting using igx-grid's onContextMenu Output.

This is done via the sortable input. With the grid sorting, you can also set the sortingIgnoreCase property to perform case sensitive sorting:

<igx-column field="ProductName" header="Product Name" [dataType]="'string'" sortable="true"></igx-column>

Sorting through the API

You can sort any column or a combination of columns through the grid API using the grid sort method:

import { SortingDirection } from 'igniteui-angular';

// Perform a case insensitive ascending sort on the ProductName column.
this.grid.sort({ fieldName: 'ProductName', dir: SortingDirection.Asc, ignoreCase: true });

// Perform sorting on both the ProductName and Price columns.
    { fieldName: 'ProductName', dir: SortingDirection.Asc, ignoreCase: true },
    { fieldName: 'Price', dir: SortingDirection.Desc }

Sorting is performed using our DefaultSortingStrategy algorithm. Any IgxColumnComponent or ISortingExpression can use a custom implementation of the ISortingStrategy as a substitute algorithm. This is useful when custom sorting needs to be defined for complex template columns, or image columns, for example.

As with the filtering behavior, you can clear sorting state using the clearSort method:

// Removes the sorting state from the ProductName column

// Removes the sorting state from every column in the grid

The sorting operation DOES NOT change the underlying data source of the grid.

Initial sorting state

It is possible to set the initial sorting state of the grid by passing an array of sorting expressions to the sortingExpressions property of the grid.

public ngOnInit() {
    this.grid.sortingExpressions = [
        { fieldName: 'ProductName', dir: SortingDirection.Asc, ignoreCase: true },
        { fieldName: 'Price', dir: SortingDirection.Desc }

If values of type string are used by column of dataType Date, the grid won't parse it to Date objects and using igxGrid sorting won't work as expected. If you want to use string objects, additional logic should be implemented on an application level, in order to parse the values to Date object.

Remote Sorting

You can provide grid's remote sorting by subscribing to onDataPreLoad and onSortingDone outputs. More information on how to use it you can find in the Grid Virtualization and Performance documentation.


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