Material Icons Extended

    The Ignite UI Material Icons Extended is a subset of icons that extends the material icon set by Google.

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    npm install @igniteui/material-icons-extended


    First, let's see how we can register a single icon in our component:

    import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
    import { IgxIconService } from 'igniteui-angular';
    // import { IgxIconService } from '@infragistics/igniteui-angular'; for licensed package
    import { github } from '@igniteui/material-icons-extended';
    // ...
    export class SampleComponent implements OnInit {
      constructor(private iconService: IgxIconService) {}
      ngOnInit(): void {
        // Register a single icon
        this.iconService.addSvgIconFromText(, github.value, 'imx-icons');

    Now, let's see how to register multiple icons/categories:

    import { health, programming } from '@igniteui/material-icons-extended';
    export class SampleComponent implements OnInit {
      public allIcons = [,
      addIcons() {
        for (let icon of this.allIcons) {
          this.iconService.addSvgIconFromText(, icon.value, 'imx-icons');
      ngOnInit(): void {

    To use the icons in your component template:

    <igx-icon family="imx-icons" name="github"></igx-icon>

    For more information and other types of usage, go to our GitHub Repository.

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