With the Ignite UI for Angular Ripple directive, you can create a ripple animation effect to give users feedback when they’re trying to click or touch regions that aren’t configured to receive that input. Use it to define a relatively positioned element to animate in response to a touch or mouse click.

Ripple Demo


<target-element igxRipple [...options]>Click me</target-element>


Using igxRippleTarget to attach a ripple effect to a specific element inside a more complex component.

    <igx-list-item igxRipple igxRipplTarget=".igx-list__item" *ngFor="let item of navItems">
        {{ item.text }}

Setting a centered ripple effect with custom color.

<span igxButton="raised" igxRipple="#e41c77" igxRippleCentered="true">
    <i class="material-icons">edit</i>

The igxRipple uses the Web Animation API and runs natively on browsers that support it. The web-animations.min.js polyfill is available for other browsers.


Name Type Description
igxRipple string The color of the ripple animation
igxRippleTarget string Set the ripple to activate on a child element inside the parent of the igxRipple. Accepts a CSS selector. Defaults to the parent of the igxRipple.
igxRippleCentered boolean If true, the ripple animation originates from the center of the element rather than the location of the click event.
igxRippleDuration number The duration of the ripple animation. Defaults to 600 milliseconds.