Angular Spreadsheet Hyperlinks

    The Angular Spreadsheet component allows display of pre-existing hyperlinks in your Excel workbook as well as insertion of new ones that can link to websites, file directories, and even other worksheets in the workbook.

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    Hyperlinks are added to the IgxSpreadsheetComponent control by accessing the Hyperlinks collection on the worksheet that you want to place the hyperlink on. This collection has an Add method that takes a WorksheetHyperlink object, where you can define the cell address, the hyperlink URL to be navigated to, the display text, and a tooltip to optionally be displayed on hover.


    When setting up your Angular spreadsheet control to use hyperlinks, you will need to import the WorksheetHyperlink class like so:

    import { WorksheetHyperlink } from 'igniteui-angular-excel';

    Code Snippet

    The following code snippet demonstrates how to add a hyperlink to the currently viewed worksheet in the Angular IgxSpreadsheetComponent control:

    this.spreadsheet.activeWorksheet.hyperlinks().add(new WorksheetHyperlink("A1", "", "Infragistics", "Infragistics Home Page"));