Ignite UI for Angular allows you to change the shape of components by setting their roundness to a value between 0 and 1.


    Border radius is defined in the theme schema of the component (see the example below). The border radius for any component defined in this manner can then be controlled via the $roundness parameter of the theme mixin or a single CSS variable called --ig-radius-factor.

    $light-toast: (
        border-radius: (rem(26px), rem(0), rem(26px)),

    As you can see from the example, the component schema for the Toast defines the border radius as a list of three values. The first value is the default border radius (i.e. when $roundness or --ig-radius-factor is not declared). The second value denotes the minimum allowed border radius (i.e. when $roundness or --ig-radius-factor is set to 0). And the third value denotes the maximum allowed border radius (i.e. when $roundness or --ig-radius-factor is set to 1). In the toast component the default and maximum values match. Any value between 0 and 1 assigned to $roundness or --ig-radius factor will set the border radius of the toast as a percentage of the maximum value. For instance, setting the value to .5 will make the border radius of the Toast component to be 50% of its maximum allowed border radius, which is 13 pixels.

    // Make all components sharp by setting the roundness parameter to 0.
    @include theme(
        $roundness: 0

    How to use?

    Let's see how we can change the default values for the toast from the example above.

    If you want the toast to still be affected by the $roundness or the --ig-radius-factor variable in the resulting theme, use the border-radius function provided by the Ignite UI for Angular package.

    // Change the default, min and max values,
    // while preserving customization via $roundness or --ig-radius-factor.
    $toast-theme: (
        border-radus: border-radius(rem(4px), rem(4px), rem(16px))
    @include css-vars($toast-theme);

    If you want the border-radius to be a constant value, unaffected by changes of --ig-radius-factor, just pass it directly to the border-radius parameter.

    // Will be unaffected by changes to $roundess or --ig-radius-factor.
    $toast-theme: (
        border-radus: rem(4px)
    @include css-vars($toast-theme);

    Baseline border radius values

    The table below shows an excerpt of some of the component border radius values as defined in the Material schema.

    Component Min/Max Radius Default Radius
    Button(Flat) 0 / 20px 4px
    Button(Contained) 0 / 20px 4px
    button(Fab) 12px / 28px 28px
    button(Icon) 0 / 18px 18px
    Button-group 0 / 20px 4px
    Chip 0 / 20px 4px
    Card 0 / 24px 4px
    Carousel 0 / 36px 0
    Dialog 0 / 36px 4px
    Drop-down 0 / 20px 4px
    Expansion panel 0 / 16px 0
    input(Border) 0 / 20px 4px
    input(Box) 0 / 20px 4px 4px 0 0
    input(Search) 0 / 20px 4px
    List 0 / 24px 0
    List item 0 / 24px 0
    Navdrawer 0 / 36px 0
    Snackbar 0 / 24px 4px
    Tooltip 0 / 16px 4px
    Toast 0 / 26px 26px

    Please refer to the Schema documentation for each component to find out what the default and min/max radius values are for each theme.

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