React Chart Trendlines

    In Ignite UI for React charts, trendlines help in identifying a trend or finding patterns in data. Trendlines are always rendered in front of data points bound to the chart and are supported by the IgrCategoryChart, IgrFinancialChart, and IgrDataChart (except for stacked series, shape series, and range series).

    Trendlines are off by default, but you can enable them by setting the trendLineType property. Also, you can modify multiple appearance properties of trendlines such as its brush, period, and thickness.

    React Chart Trendlines Example

    The following sample depicts a IgrFinancialChart showing the stock trend of Microsoft between 2013 and 2017 with a QuinticFit trendline initially applied. There is a drop-down that will allow you to change the type of trendline that is applied, and all possible trendline types are listed within that drop-down.

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