React Grid Selection

    The Ignite UI for React Data Table / Data Grid supports single or multiple row and cell selection.

    React Grid Selection Example


    Selection in the React data grid is enabled on a row and cell level and can be configured by using the selectionMode option of the React grid. This property takes five different options, listed below:

    • None: Selection is not enabled.
    • SingleCell: Selection of a single cell is enabled.
    • SingleRow: Selection of a single row is enabled.
    • MultipleCell: Selection of multiple cells is enabled.
    • MultipleRow: Selection of multiple rows is enabled.
    • RangeCell: Selection of a range of multiple cells by clicking and dragging is enabled.

    selectionBehavior defaults to ModifierBased, where only one row or cell is selected at a time and modifier keys (CTRL) are required to multi-select items. selectionBehavior set to Toggle will allow multiple rows or cells to be selected on single click only.

    MultipleRow includes the following functionality:

    • Click and drag to select rows
    • Shift and click to select multiple rows.
    • Shift and press the up/down arrow keys to select multiple rows.

    Pressing the space bar toggles selection of active row via MultipleRow or SingleRow.

    Row Range Selection

    The following example demonstrates how to selected or deselected all rows in the grid. Note, selectionMode must be set to MultipleRow.

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