React Column Summaries

    The Ignite UI for React Data Table / Data Grid supports column summaries. In some cases, your end users may be overwhelmed by the amount of data displayed in the grid, and often may be looking for a summary of the data. Your end users may also want to derive additional information from the data of a specific column. Summaries help your end users achieve this, and you can enable them by setting the summaryScope property.

    React Column Summaries Example

    Summary Scope Property

    The React data grid supports 4 summary settings that you can configure using the summaryScope property. These are listed and described below:

    • Root: This will display a grand total for all rows in the grid for the column the summary is applied to.
    • Groups: This is specific to grouped rows and shows the grand total for all rows in a particular group.
    • Both: This will use the Groups and Root options simultaneously.
    • None: This will disable summaries for the grid.

    Group Summary Display Mode Property

    The React data grid supports configuration of the locations that summaries are displayed. You can configure this by using the groupSummaryDisplayMode property. The different options for this property are listed and described below:

    • List: This will render the group summaries in a flat list in the spanning group header.
    • Cells: This will render the group header as cells, and the summary values will be rendered inside the cells, aligned with their corresponding column. The grid will only display a single summary per column using this option.
    • RowTop: This will render the group summaries as summary rows at the top of the group.
    • RowBottom: This will render the group summaries as summary rows at the bottom of the group.
    • None: This will disable group summary rendering.

    Code Snippets

        summaryScope = "Groups"
        groupSummaryDisplayMode = "RowTop"
        height="calc(100% - 40px)"
            <IgrTextColumn field="ProductName" headerText="Product"/>
            <IgrNumericColumn positivePrefix="$" field="BundlePrice" showGroupingSeparator="true" headerText="Price" />
            <IgrNumericColumn field="OrderItems" headerText="Order Items"/>
            <IgrNumericColumn field="OrderValue" showGroupingSeparator="true" headerText="Order Totals"
            positivePrefix="$"  />
            <IgrTextColumn field="Countries" headerText="Ship Country"/>
    import { IgrColumnGroupDescription } from 'igniteui-react-grids';
    import { IgrColumnSummaryDescription } from 'igniteui-react-grids'
    import { SummaryOperand, SummaryCalculator, DefaultSummaryResult, IDataSource, ISummaryResult } from 'igniteui-react-core';
    public componentDidMount() {
        window.addEventListener('load', this.onLoad);
    public onLoad() {
        // Count Operand
        const productCount = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        productCount.field = "ProductName";
        productCount.operand = SummaryOperand.Count;
        // Min Operand with formatting
        const priceMin = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        priceMin.field = "BundlePrice";
        priceMin.operand = SummaryOperand.Min;
        priceMin.formatOverride = new Intl.NumberFormat('en-EN', { style: 'currency', currency: 'USD', minimumFractionDigits: 0, maximumFractionDigits: 0 });
        // Max Operand and formatting
        const priceMax = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        priceMax.field = "BundlePrice";
        priceMax.operand = SummaryOperand.Max;
        priceMax.formatOverride = new Intl.NumberFormat('en-EN', { style: 'currency', currency: 'USD', minimumFractionDigits: 0, maximumFractionDigits: 0 });
        // Sum Operand
        const orderSum = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        orderSum.field = "OrderItems";
        orderSum.operand = SummaryOperand.Sum;
        // Average Operand and formatting
        const orderValueAvg = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        orderValueAvg.field = "OrderValue";
        orderValueAvg.operand = SummaryOperand.Average;
        orderValueAvg.formatOverride = new Intl.NumberFormat('en-EN', { style: 'currency', currency: 'USD', minimumFractionDigits: 0, maximumFractionDigits: 0 });

    Custom Summaries

    In some situations, you may want to expand the default set of summaries. For example, if you were looking to show the number of times a particular value in a column appears, a custom summary would be required for this.

    The snippets below demonstrate how to display a Count for number of "USA" values appear in the column.

    import { IgrProvideCalculatorEventArgs } from 'igniteui-react-core';
    public onLoad()
        // ...
        // Custom Operand with calculator
        const countries = new IgrColumnSummaryDescription();
        countries.field = "Countries";
        countries.operand = SummaryOperand.Custom;
        countries.provideCalculator = this.onProvideCalculator; //refer to class below
    onProvideCalculator(s: IgrColumnSummaryDescription, e: IgrProvideCalculatorEventArgs) {
        e.calculator = new CustomDomestic();
    // Custom Calculator - calculates the count for all USA.
    class CustomDomestic extends SummaryCalculator
        get displayName(): string {
            return "USA";
        public usCountries: number;
        public beginCalculation(a: IDataSource, b: string): void {
            this.usCountries = 0;
        public endCalculation(): ISummaryResult {
            return new DefaultSummaryResult(this.propertyName, SummaryOperand.Custom, this.usCountries)
        public aggregate(a: any): void {
            if (a.Countries === "USA")

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