React Zoom Slider Overview

The React ZoomSlider control provides zooming functionality to range-enabled controls. The ZoomSlider features a horizontal scroll bar, a thumbnail of the whole range, and a resizable zoom-range window. The ZoomSlider cannot work as a standalone control and it acts as an enhancement for range-based controls like the DataChart or CategoryChart.


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Feature Name Description
Scrollbar navigation Users can change scale and scroll through ranges of data using the built-in capabilities of the ZoomSlider scrollbar.
Panning and zooming Users can adjust the display scale by dragging the edges of the thumb pad to either make the current display cover a larger range (zoom out) or a smaller range (zoom in).
Multiple user interaction options All mouse user interactions are redundantly supported through touch and most of them – through the keyboard. For details, see User Interactions and Usability.
Touch support On touch-enabled devices, users can enjoy the full ZoomSlider functionality. All mouse interactions are supported in touch environment.
Extensibility The ZoomSlider control supports DataChart control out-of the box.
Configurable zoom-range window The initial zoom-range window width and position, as well as its minimum size, are configurable.


When installing the React chart component, the core package must also be installed.

npm install --save igniteui-react-core
npm install --save igniteui-react-charts

Required Modules

The IgrZoomSlider requires the following modules. to be registered in your application entry point:

  • ZoomSliderModule
import { IgrZoomSliderModule } from 'igniteui-react-charts';
import { IgrZoomSlider } from 'igniteui-react-charts';


Code Snippet

The following code demonstrates how to setup the ZoomSlider.