• Free Tools: Ultimate UI for Xamarin Toolbox and Control Configurators
    POSTED ON: 07/13/2017 8:19 AM  BY:  Infragistics Team
    You may have heard that Infragistics recently released version 17.1 of the Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin. This version has some great new features for Xamarin, including a new Schedule control for all your scheduling needs and a new Sparkline chart to help you...
  • Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin: What's New in 17.1
    POSTED ON: 06/26/2017 6:00 AM  BY:  Infragistics Team
    We’re excited to announce the 17.1 release of Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin. Our goal with this release is to continue with our Write Fast, Run Fast promise, while making it easier for you to create cross-platform mobile apps. We’re pleased to announce two new controls...
  • Generate Your Next Xamarin.Forms Grid: It's as Easy as Drag and Drop
    POSTED ON: 06/20/2017 12:00 AM  BY:  Infragistics Team
    If you’ve used other development platforms, you’re probably used to using a native toolbox that lets you drag and drop controls or whatever you need to your code. Now you’ve decided to use Xamarin.Forms… and there’s no toolbox. That’s where the Ultimate UI...
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