Assisting Companies with Digital Business Transformation & Amazing Customer Experiences


Our experts facilitate requirements discovery by documenting user needs, motivations, and interactions using proven engagement practices and proprietary prototyping and usability testing tools.


We leverage our nearly 30 years’ experience to design incredible user experiences for line-of-business or consumer applications. Our team focuses on improving existing products through modern experiences and bringing new concepts to reality.


Let our UX and UI design experts supplement development on your next web, mobile, or desktop application. We specialize in building lightning-fast applications that require complex or unique data processing and visualization.

Delivering Results

  • Keysight Technologies

    The experts on the UX team are a package that’s hard to beat.

    Geoff Anderson, Marketing Manager, Keysight Technologies
  • Penn State University

    I liked how flexible the Infragistics team was and how willing they were to work alongside our developers.

    Mary Montminy, Health Informatics Analyst behind the STARtracks project
  • Transport 4

    We never expected Transport4 to be as easy to use and intuitive as it now is…. Without Infragistics, we would not have the product we have today.

    Justin Ricketts, Director of Business Development and Operations at Transport4
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Customer Stories

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  • UXify US 2017 | Conference Recap
    POSTED ON: 04/13/2017 1:57 PM  BY:  Kevin Richardson, Ph.D.
    What is UXify? Infragistics held its 5th annual, US-based UXify event on Friday, 7 April 2017 at our global headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. UXify...
  • How context affects design: A lesson from the Oscars
    POSTED ON: 04/10/2017 4:29 PM  BY:  Maia Ottenstein
    Earlier this year, the infamous mix-up announcement for the Oscar’s award for Best Picture set the internet ablaze. Everyone took to criticizing...
  • Don’t Get Stuck (to the bottom of a beer mug)
    POSTED ON: 03/20/2017 3:19 PM  BY:  Darian O'Reilly
    This past weekend I had a little post-St. Patrick’s Day fun hanging out with my husband at a local biergarten. We drank some delicious...
  • UXify 2017 | Making Technology Personal
    POSTED ON: 03/08/2017 12:13 PM  BY:  Kevin Richardson, Ph.D.
    Celebrate UXify 2017 - Making Technology Personal with the Infragistics team and special guestson Friday, April 7, 2017 from noon till 5. Our...
  • How Do You Research Something That Doesn’t Yet Exist?
    POSTED ON: 03/01/2017 9:59 AM  BY:  Jim Ross
    I once was in a project-scoping meeting for a client who wanted to create next generation banking products and services. Since these were new...
  • Put User Research Knowledge Where It Belongs
    POSTED ON: 01/06/2017 9:46 AM  BY:  Jim Ross
    Imagine conducting extensive user research. You reveal extremely interesting information and present it to your client and the project team. They...

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