List View

The Ignite UI for Angular List component displays rows of items and supports one or more header items as well as search and filtering of list items. Each list item is completely templateable and will support any valid HTML or Angular component.

List Demo


    <igx-list-header>Header 1</igx-list-header>
    <igx-list-item>Item 1</igx-list-item>
    <igx-list-item>Item 2</igx-list-item>
    <igx-list-item>Item 3</igx-list-item>
    <igx-list-header>Header 2</igx-list-header>
    <igx-list-item>Item 4</igx-list-item>
    <igx-list-item>Item 5</igx-list-item>
    <igx-list-item>Item 6</igx-list-item>

The child components of the IgxList are:

  • Igx-List-Header - represents list header - non-interactable list item whose role is to label, describe and unify the next list items, composed below it
  • Igx-List-Item - represents list item

Both: item and header, implement IListChild. The list provides three arrays:

  • one that contains all the children: items and headers,
  • only items,
  • only headers.

List Properties

  • children - Array of all IListChild components: items and headers
  • items - Array of items in the list
  • headers - Array of headers in the list
  • allowLeftPanning - Determines whether the left panning of an item is allowed
  • allowRightPanning - Determines whether the right panning on an item is allowed


  • addChild - Add IListChild component to children array and to the respective specific array
  • removeChild - Remove IListChild component from children array and from the respective specific array


  • onPanStateChange - Triggered when pan gesture is executed on list item
  • onLeftPan - Triggered when left pan gesture is executed on list item
  • onRightPan - Triggered when right pan gesture is executed on list item

List Header

Child component of Igx-List, which represents a single non-interactable item that is used as a header of the following items. The header implements IListChild interface.

Header Properties

  • index - The index of header in children array

List Item

Child component of Igx-List, which represents a single interactable item. Its content can be text or any other HTML content. The item implements IListChild interface.

Item Properties

  • index - The index of item in children array
  • hidden - Determines whether the item should be displayed
  • panState - Gets the item's pan state
  • options - Defines the options of the particular list item that will be displayed on item swipe (pan)