Set up unlimited usability studies

Set up unlimited usability studies

Make design decisions based on how people use your prototypes, not just what they say about them.

Set up unlimited usability studies on for your prototypes. Create tasks and success criteria and invite participants with a simple link. You also have the option to randomize tasks for participants.

Participate anytime, anywhere

Conduct usability studies remotely and unmoderated with any number of participants.

They can take part in a study from any device, without any special software required. And if for some reason the study gets interrupted, they can pick up from where they left off.

Participate anytime, anywhere
Real-time usability analytics

Real-Time Usability Analytics with Video recording

Get real-time study reports as participants complete study tasks. See task completion time and success rates for each task, excluding certain participants if needed.

Pair the ability to record and watch users interacting with your prototypes with a detailed click-map view to understand usage patterns.

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