Use the Ignite UI for Angular Carousel component to browse or navigate through a collection of slides, including image galleries, cards, onboarding tutorials, or page-based interfaces. The carousel can be used as a full-screen element or situated inside another component. Slides can be programmed to change at defined intervals in slide-show mode, or set to be scrolled manually by users. Programmatic features of the control include raising an event when a slide is changed, added, or removed.


<igx-carousel [interval]="interval" [pause]="shouldPause" [loop]="shouldLoop">
    <igx-slide *ngFor="let slide of slides;" [active]="">
        <img [src]="slide.image">


Name Type Description
loop boolean Should the carousel wrap back to the first slide after it reaches the last. Defaults to true.
pause boolean Should the carousel stop playing on user interaction. Defaults to true.
interval number The amount of time in milliseconds between slides transition.
navigation boolean Controls should the carousel render the left/right navigation buttons. Defaults to true.
total number The number of slides the carousel currently has.
current number The index of the slide currently showing.
isPlaying boolean Returns whether the carousel is paused/playing.
isDestroyed boolean If the carousel is destroyed (ngOnDestroy was called)
onSlideChanged event Emitted on slide change
onSlideAdded event Emitted when a slide is being added to the carousel
onSlideRemoved event Emitted whe a slide is being removed from the carousel
onCarouselPaused event Emitted when the carousel is pausing.
onCarouselPlaying event Emitted when the carousel starts/resumes playing.
play() void Emits onCarouselPlaying event and starts the transition between slides.
stop() void Emits onCarouselPaused event and stops the transition between slides.
prev() void Switches to the previous slide. Emits onSlideChanged event.
next() void Switches to the next slide. Emits onSlideChanged event.
add(slide: IgxSlide) void Adds a slide to the carousel. Emits onSlideAdded event.
remove(slide: IgxSlide) void Removes an existing slide from the carousel. Emits onSlideRemoved event.
get(index: Number) IgxSlide or void Returns the slide with the given index or null.
select(slide: IgxSlide, direction: Direction) void Selects the slide and the direction to transition to. Emits onSlideChanged event.

Slide (igx-slide)

Name Type Description
index number The index of the slide inside the carousel.
direction Direction The direction in which the slide should transition. Possibly values are NONE, NEXT, PREV
active boolean Whether the current slide is active, i.e. the one being currently displayed by the carousel.