The Fastest Angular Data Grid

Ignite UI for Angular’s Data Grid is built for optimization, speed, high-performance, and smooth handling of large data sets. With an updated virtualization directive and powerful grid features, your virtualized data grid is ready for no-lag scrolling through millions of data points.

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Ignite UI for Angular's Data Grid optimized for speed and performance.

Virtualization and Performance

Seamlessly scroll unlimited rows and columns in your Angular grid with the data grid’s column and row level virtualization. Your users will experience Excel-like scrolling performance - no lag, screen flicker or visual delay – giving you the best user experience with no compromise in performance.

Remote Data Load on Demand

Enable unlimited scrolling experience with load-on-demand grid virtualization. Get data chunks from a remote service as the grid is scrolled, giving your grid blazing performance for any remote data size.


Controlling whether a feature is enabled, the paging component allows for templated and programmatic pagination.


See predefined default summary items for a column in a separate container.

Live Data & Streaming

Stream live data directly into the grid – with cell-level update capability allowing for hundreds of updates per second with zero impact on the user experience of grid – delivering real-time data needs for the most demanding Angular apps.

Cell selection for the Angular Data Grid.

Cell Selection

Select or deselect data cells individually.

Apply styles and templates to cells in the Angular Data Grid.

Cell Styling and Templating

Customize cell appearance with CSS or re-template any cell with ng-template to give any cell render appearance.

Column Filtering

The grid features both a simplistic and complex per-column filtering UI.

Column Hiding

Allows users to hide and show columns directly through the grid UI, via our API, or define the column hiding UI as a separate component and place it anywhere they want on the page.


The grid supports a mix of non-sortable and sortable columns, since Grid Sorting is on a per-column level.

Column Text Filter

Use text to filter on a per-column level to quickly find information.

Virtual Row

Quickly navigate through on-screen rows with the rest rendering immediately upon scrolling.

Virtual Column

Easily navigate through on-screen columns with the rest rendering immediately upon scrolling.

ARIA support for Angular Data Grid.

Accessibility and ARIA Support

The Angular grid is fully accessible with a11y Keyboard accessibility, ARIA & accessible color palette.

Remove rows from the Angular Data Grid.

Row Deletion

Easily remove rows of data.

Multi-Column Headers

Enable multi-column headers allowing you to group columns under a common header. Every column group could be a representation of combinations between other groups or columns, with full support for column pinning, interactive column moving within groups, sorting and hiding groups.

Group By

Visualize your data records in hierarchical groups.

Grid Toolbar

The toolbar is a container for UI operations located at the top of the grid which can host different interactive controls like column hiding, column pinning, excel exporting, and more.

Give a Gmail-like global search option with the global search textbox that can search all grid columns and highlight search results instantly.


Easily filter and select single or multiple items, with support for grouping and adding custom values to the dropdown list, and virtualized searching within the list. Provide custom templates for items, header, footer, grouped area.

Display a scrollable list of single-select items which can be visually grouped.


Change content rendering with various overlay parameters.

Filtering UI

Add custom and complex filtering options to filter data by your needs.


Display selectable and keyboard accessible values.

Cell Copying and Pasting

Easily copy and paste information among individual cells and cell ranges.

Keyboard Navigation

Supporting keyboard, touch, and mouse navigation, the grid is scrollable on both axes using the igx-scroll functionalities.

Column Moving

Move, reorder, drag, and organize your columns with ease.

Export to Excel/CSV/TSV

Export your Grid to Excel in XLSX, TSV or CSV format, with API support to include or exclude columns and to customize the output.